We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Hiring implies money.

We have a better currency: CV experience. HEAR credit. New skills. Proof of ability. Friends. Free food (most of the times). Fun.

To apply, email us at isc@sheffield.ac.uk to nominate yourself. Remember that, during our EGM, you will have to give a one minute speech explaining why you are suitable for the role.

The EGM is on the 4th of October and we’ll keep updating you, so make sure to join our mailing list and never miss a post.

Read through our Offers and see which one you fit best.


Role of ISC Secretary:

  • Takes minutes during weekly meetings and distributes it to committee members within three days of the meeting taking place.
  • Prepares agenda for meetings with the Chair.
  • Organizes meetings including booking of venues of all meetings of the committee and of its members.
  • In charge of communication and admin tasks (e.g. maintaining mailing list).
  • Attends working and representative secretary training, how to be a representative and what the Union can do for your training
    supported by the Chair and the International Students’ Officer
  • One of the three key members who makes quick financial/high risk/urgent decisions.


We’re looking for representatives for the following regions:

  • East Asia
  • Americas
  • Southeast Asia

To be eligible to be representative of a region the candidate must have lived in that region for a minimum of 1.5 years

The duties of this position include:

  • Liaises with the national societies within their respective region by organizing meetings with members from the societies, emails, social media communication, phone calls, supporting their projects and attending their activities
  • Communicating representative information to respective National Societies in regards to committee events and projects
  • Supports their regional National Societies in utilizing the resources and support on offer in the Students™ Union
  • Takes decision on representative matters together with the other regional reps
  • Organize special training for next elected regional representatives
  • Liaise with the Chair to hold one National Society Forum a semester
  • Supported by National Societies Liaison, Society Development Coordinator
  • Encourages students to join existing national societies in the Europe region or to form new one
  • Encourage national societies to have their own events and socials

Furthermore it is required that each candidate submit a portfolio. Details of the portfolio are as follows:
Each regional representative must take up one of the following portfolios

  • This can be done through discussion amongst themselves (apart from National Society Liaison who will be elected at the AGM)
  • They MUST carry out at least one campaign on their portfolio. Failure to have begun work on it during the first semester will result in a vote of no confidence.
  • They will be supported by the Campaigns and Inclusion Officer and Media Officer

The two available portfolios are:

  • Education
  • Mature, Post Graduate and Part-Time Students

More detailed description of the portfolios:

  • Education: The objective of the representative will be to start a campaign (the duration of which is at the discretion him/her and the Campaigns and Inclusions Officer) to raise awareness and fight for and issues or suggestions international students have or face in regards to their education. Examples: Participating in the “Reclaim your Education” Demo (2012)
  • Mature, Post Graduate and Part-Time Students: The objective of the representative will be to start a campaign (the duration of which is at the discretion him/her and the Campaigns and Inclusions Officer) to encourage Union involvement/ participation by International Mature, Post Graduate and Part-Time Students, and make them aware of the services and facilities available to them.
 We’ll see you at the EGM!

The 2017 Team is here

The 2017 Team is here

Following an exciting AGM, the new ISC is ready for a year stacked full with events by and for Sheffield’s students and residents. The new Committee has underwent training, preliminary meetings and it’s all falling into place nicely, in preparation for Intro Week (just 3 more days), World Week and more.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - out of Spaghetti
Leaning Tower of Pisa – out of Spaghetti

We are proud to announce the new executive Committee:

  • Abhinav Paul Kongari – Chair
  • Harindi Jayakody – Events Officer
  • Ronak Sharma – Events Officer
  • Ruxandra Mindru – Media & PR Officer
  • Abhimanyu Yadav – Publicity Officer
  • Shawn Coldys – Campaigns and Inclusions Officer
  • Alihusein Januwala – Treasurer and Sponsorship Officer

This year’s representatives are:

  • Harry Potter (no, really) – Home Representative
  • Sylvia Wu – European Representative
  • Omar Said – Middle Eastern Representative
  • Ifedayo Ayodeji – African Representative
  • Muhammad M Saleem – South Asian Representative

We are still looking for people to help make this year’s committee the best committee. Positions are still open for:

  • Secretary
  • East Asian Representative
  • Americas Representative
  • Southeast Asian Representative

Check requirements and apply here.