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On Campus:

The university provides different cafes/ food outlets around campus. The Students’ Union has “Our Shop” which brings food items from almost all around the world. It provides everything from fruits, different types of beverages, snacks, sweets, stationary, and even packed, ready-to-eat meals (sandwiches, pasta, salad, and baguettes). Inclusive of vegan and vegetarian options!

Other food outlets in the union also sell different types of foods (perfect to munch on between lectures when you don’t have the time!). Those outlets are:

  • Coffee Revolution: a family-friendly coffee shop. They brew the best coffee you will ever taste. In addition, they also serve deserts, panini’s, sandwiches, and baguettes! They also meet the vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements. So something for everyone! Keep your eye out to the specials they do every now and then, they are definitely not to be missed;
  • Bar One: perfect place to visit if you’d like to hang out with your friends or course mates. Word has it that they make amazing burgers and chips. They often hold special events that they would screen live, such as the union officer elections. Makes a good lunch hangout! Also serves vegetarian and vegan options;
  • Interval Café: the perfect place to be at anytime of day! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are well know for their mouth-watering pizzas, and they cater to all dietary requirements too! They offer some halal dishes, vegan, and vegetarian;
  • New Leaf: tired of fast food? New Leaf offers fast, fresh, and healthy food. Even when you’re on the go and don’t want to bulk up on what you eat. You can now pre-order your New Leaf salad online from the union’s website! They also cater to vegan and vegetarian options;
  • Grill and Go: for the best filling, healthy wraps, you can always head to Grill and Go. They have something for everyone. All of the chicken served is Halal, and they have both vegetarian and vegan options. Including qourn! Perfect for a quick lunch;
  • The View Deli: a spacious, modernized café selling sandwiches, wraps, and croissants. In addition to some deserts and crisps. They also have a wide variety of drinks, both hot and cold. Don’t forget to try out their Curiosity Cola!
  • International Food Court (Uni Central): even more variety available here! You can find anything from noodles to pizza. All of the chicken served there is halal too! Check with the staff for more details;

Even when you’re out of the union and studying away in the IC (Information Commons), with a very long night ahead of you, the café there is open 24/ 7 during term time. Serving everything from salads, paninis, rice dishes, wraps, and baguettes. The chicken used in the wraps is halal. You get awesome meal deals for late night munchies too! With a wide variety of cold drinks involved in the meal deal, in addition to smoothies and hot drinks which are sold separately.


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