Welcome to a New Year!

P1280159Hello all and welcome to Sheffield and welcome to the international Students’ Committee (ISC). I hope you all had a hassle free journey here. We have a variety of activities campaigns and events planned out for your viewing and participating pleasure. The ISC is one of the representative committees we have in the union. our sole aim is to represent the views and issues of international Students as well as home students, and as the chair of the ISC for the 2014/2015 academic year, I’m excited to be part of the team dedicated to fulfilling these aims.

In the past couple of years, the ISC has been known for our events. Part of what we’ll be doing this year is focusing our strengths on representation. Each of our 8 regional reps will be taking up portfolios and coming up with at least two campaigns about issues affecting international students and minority groups in the university, union etc. these campaigns will take place in both semesters. As well as representation, we organise events that further increases the representative elements of the ISC

It’s not all work with us. Along with our knack for representation, we are also known for our culturally diverse and entertaining organised events. Events that will be running this year includes our well known world week which will be happening in November, international cultural evening and food festival both happening in second semester.

So we look forward to seeing you at both campaigns and events alike and hope you have a beautiful beginning and a wonderful year ahead!

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